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Dongfeng KR

Dongfeng KR

The medium duty truck, Dongfeng KR is valued as a benchmark for the Chinese market. The truck is easy to handle and highly appreciated for its technical content. The Dongfeng KR is a reliable truck, performing efficient power with low emissions and has a human-oriented design. It has reached a total sale of more than 200,000 units. The truck is frequently used as a municipal sanitation vehicle plus for urban and intercity transport logistics. The Dongfeng KR truck is frequently used for medium duty construction works.

Curved dashboard and with good visability. All instruments and controls are easy to read and reach. 

Dongfeng DDi45 engine is in line with Euro4 and potentially with Euro5, with the displacement of 4.75 litre. Electronically controlled pre-injection and post-positioned gear chamber will perfectly control the noise.

All forward gears are synchronized. The gear shifting is accurate and smooth.

The design of top cover is optimized. The height is reduced, which makes the control more comfortable and suitable for the vehicle arrangement.

Advanced software is used to analyze and optimize the design. This makes the gearbox more advanced and reliable. The light weight design produces more value for customers. Power takeoff is optional on both sides. The max output torque is 650 Nm. Vortex retarder is optional. Velocity ratio and interface of odometer may be designed as required.

Large torque output and wide ratio range. Integrated main reducer housing introduces the light weight, high strength and good sealing, high-specification bearing ensures the reliability of transmission parts. The patented lubricating pump technology of middle axle, will effectively prevent the burn-out of bearing.

The modern cab is designed with driver in focus. Comfortable flexible and easy adjustable seating. Easy and safe entrance into the cab. All instruments and controls are easy to read and reach from the drivers position. Good visability, supported by exterior large mirrors. Eqiuped with front window wiper and washer, power-operated windows, airbag, central locking.

The Dongfeng KR is available as left-hand or right-hand drive.