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Dongfeng KL

With a reliable powertrain, wide power range, various driving configurations, a solid and reliable chassis, the Dongfeng KL brings together trust, professionalism and global technique.

All to meet market demands for fast, clean and reliable transportation. Typical transport assignments range from: dangerous cargo, refrigerated goods, agricultural product to general cargo and light goods

The curved dashboard is designed with driver in focus. All instruments and controls are easy to read and reach from the drivers position.

Dongfeng DDi11 engine is the inline six-cylinder four-stroke turbocharged and inter cooled diesel engine, internationally introduced by Dongfeng Trucks. Equipped with EECU - electronically controlled injection system and common rail direct injection technology, with the displacement of 11 litre, with Euro4 and potentially with Euro5 representing the international advanced level of high-powered engine.

Rear axle with large torque output and a wide ratio range. Integrated main reducer housing with light weight, high strength and good sealing. High-specification bearing, ensures reliability of transmission parts. The patented lubricating pump technology for the middle axle, effectively prevent burn-out of bearing.

14 forward gears, two reverse gears with max torque output of 2,000 Nm. Rear auxiliary transmission introduces the planetary gear train with even loads. The short-stroke synchronizer, ensures smooth and convenient gear shifting. The integrated gearshift mechanism plus the precise control achieves smooth gearshift.

The Dongfeng KL is available as left-hand or right-hand drive.